Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pirate's Vortex

This is another vortex quilt for my young great nephew who likes pirates.  I wish I had embroidered a white skull in the center.  The applique is machine stitch raw edge.  I used 2 layers of white in the applique to avoid shadowing.  The eyes and nose are appliqued onto the skull in black.  The jaw is a separate piece.
The next vortex will be with a chess theme also in black and white. 

Here is another vortex experiment that did not work out as I had hoped.  I cut wavy lines in making the wedges.  It was a real pain to sew together.  I must have taken up too much in the seam allowance because I needed more wedges to get a full circle.  Also, the wavey seams interrupt the swirl action of the vortex.  It was a learning quilt.


  1. I am with Lyn on this. Your quilt is amazing. I like the negative space and I would be interested to hear what you learned from the wavy line experiment.

  2. you have more followers than you know you have. they just aren't following on google. i don't like google reader so i'm following on atom feed.

    that said, the quilts are amazing. truly incredible. what patience you have!

  3. both are wonderful. YOu are gonna make me make one aren't you. lol

  4. Wow, you're so talented! Hopefully one day I'll get the courage to make a vortex quilt. The first thing I thought of when I saw the wavy lined one was that it looks like a braided wool rug...I love it!